Autel Robotics EVO Lite Series- Drone Quadcopter UAV with 3-Axis Gimbal Camera, 4K Camera, 50MP Photo, 40 Mins Flight Time Max 12km Video SkyLink Transmission, 1-Inch CMOS Sensor


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Autel EVO Lite+ DroneAutel EVO Lite+ Drone

Autel EVO Lite+ Drone

The Autel EVO Lite+ Drone is specially equipped with an intelligent moonlight algorithm, which works with the 20MP camera and 1″ CMOS sensor to capture vibrant nighttime details, even at high ISOs. Whether you shoot hi-res stills or HDR video up to 6K resolution, the Lite+ allows for manual control over exposure and depth of field, letting you adjust the aperture between f/2.8 to f/11. The Lite+ can also automatically balance overexposure and underexposure, ensuring your images and videos remain clear.

Piloting the EVO Lite+ to capture this footage is made to be comfortable and intuitive with an included gamepad-style controller that uses your existing smartphone with the Autel SkyLink and Fly apps. As you fly, you can view what the drone sees from up to 7.4 miles away in 1080p resolution utilizing dual-band connectivity. You can even view what’s around the Lite+ by using the wide-angle cameras that are utilized for obstacle avoidance.

HDR: Darker Shadows. Brighter HighlightsHDR: Darker Shadows. Brighter Highlights

HDR: Darker Shadows. Brighter Highlights

High Dynamic Range. Compared with ordinary images, HDR image can provide more dynamic range and image details. HDR shooting will automatically output a processed high dynamic image.

With HDR on, Lite and Lite+ will snap several photos at different exposures and automatically stitch them together- resulting in a photo with more contrast and dynamic range.

Cinematic Shots Proficiency With A Single ClickCinematic Shots Proficiency With A Single Click

Cinematic Shots Proficiency With A Single Click

The quick shot is shot by four shooting modes, namely fade away, rocket, orbit and flick. The aircraft automatically flies according to the selected shooting mode and continues to shoot for a specific time. Finally, it automatically generates a short video to support continuous editing and rapid sharing in the App.

Fade away: the aircraft rises while moving back, and the lens follows the object for shooting.

Rocket: the aircraft rises vertically after arriving above the object, and the lens looks down the object for shooting.

Orbit: the aircraft takes the object as a center and makes a surrounding flight at a specific distance for shooting.

Flick: the aircraft takes the object as a center and adopts the system-defined arc route for shooting.


SkyPortrait – Blur the Background Automatically for Additional Cinematic Effect/Portrait

When engaged, SkyPortrait will raise your EVO Lite+ into the air where it will snap a photo, automatically adjusting the lens to include everyone. You can even have the Lite+ automatically blur out the background to focus only on you and your friends for additional cinematic effect/Portrait.

Dynamic Track 2.1: Master Subject Tracking

Recruit your EVO Lite+ drone to automatically follow any person, animal, or vehicle so you can focus on your activities while your EVO Lite+ handles the cinematic side

Intelligent AI Moonlight AlgorithmIntelligent AI Moonlight Algorithm

Intelligent AI Moonlight Algorithm

Night mode is ideal for shooting at night or in other low-light environments. Based on Autel AI moonlight algorithm, EVO Lite+ equipped with 1-inch CMOS and F2.8-11 adjustable aperture captures more light to produce clean, refined, low-noise night shots and high-ISO videos in extreme dark conditions. AI Moonlight algorithm is the latest technology developed by Autel for UAVs, using core technology, surpassing 99% of UAVs on the market.

Free Flying Safely , Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

Autel Lite+ adopts Principle of binocular vision to calculate distance between the aircraft and potential obstacles. With 6 sensors in forward, backward and downward to perceive obstacles, forward direction up to 150 °. An auxiliary light under the drone on improves visibility, extra layer of security that obstacle avoidance provides is ideal for pushing limits of what is possible.

Ultra Long 40Min Flight

Ultra Long 40Min Flight

Defog Mode

Defog Mode

Restore Natural Colors

Restore Natural Colors

Ultra Long 40Min Flight

The EVO Lite is the only drone of its size to offer an endurance of 40 minutes, giving you 30 percent more flight time than the competition.

Defog Mode

Whether you’re flying over a gloomy hilltop at dawn or hovering at the base of a waterfall, cut through the haze with a fog penetration function that automatically adjusts the camera’s vibrance settings to make your footage look crisp and clear.

Restore Natural Colors

Automatically balance overexposure and underexposure when shooting scenes with too much contrast, producing clearer images with more layers.



Snap And Share In Seconds

Snap And Share In Seconds

2.4/5.2G/5.8Hz Three Frequency - Reliable Signal, Smooth Flight

2.4/5.2G/5.8Hz Three Frequency - Reliable Signal, Smooth Flight

Apply your favorite templates from the Autel Sky app for quick and easy movie-making, allowing you to drastically reduce the tedious editing process so you can share your creations in minutes.

Snap And Share In Seconds

Done shooting? Simply place your smartphone close to the Nano to upload photos and videos at a speedy rate of 160Mbps using the Autel Sky app.

SonarSound: Hear Everything

Record voices and ambient sounds on the ground through the smartphone, allowing you to bring your videos to life even when your drone is miles above.

10KM 2.7K/30FPS Video Transmission

Autel EVO Nano drone features Autel’s most advanced Autel SkyLink image transmission system yet, delivering an ultra-smooth, clear, and reliable image feed while flying farther. The EVO Nano+ has a video transmission distance of up to 6.2miles (10 km), the transmission quality of 2.7K/30FPS.

2.4/5.2G/5.8Hz Three Frequency

Reliable Signal, Smooth Flight

The EVO Nano drone supports 2.4/5.8GHz three-frequency communication and automatically switches to the best channel with the lowest interference in real-time. This significantly improves the aircraft’s anti-interference ability in challenging environments, increasing flight safety.

【Discover The World By Moonlight】Equipped with a 1-inch CMOS image sensor and Autel’s intelligent moonlight algorithm, the EVO Lite+ can capture crisp, vibrant details at night with low noise — even when the ISO is cranked up high.
【An Adjustable Aperture】Flex your creativity with an adjustable aperture from f/2.8-f/11, giving you the ability alter exposure and depth of field in imaginative ways that show off your unique artistic style.
【SkyLink Video Transmission】Fly farther while maintaining crisp, clear visuals with Autel SkyLink, our strongest image transmission system yet, which offers a transmission range of 7.4 miles, transmission quality of 2.7K/30FPS, and superior anti-interference capabilities, all while relaying stunning HD video.
【Ultra Wide Angle Obstacle Avoidance】Fly faster, safer, and more confidently than ever before with Autel’s new ultra wide angle obstacle avoidance cameras. The sensors give the EVO Lite a front field of view of 150 degrees, eliminating more blindspots than traditional systems while reducing the number of cameras needed.
【POWERFUL PERFORMANCE】The EVO Lite is the only drone of its size to offer an endurance of 40 minutes, giving you 30 percent more flight time than the competition.

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